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What We Do

Every casino database contains massive amounts of raw data which is virtually useless in its raw form.


We transform your data into information that is meaningful and easily converted to action. By creating a custom database tool and reviewing with the marketing team we can quickly identify threats, opportunities and establish strategy based on database metrics.  This type of analysis capitalizes on opportunities and mitigates threats.

We drive incremental revenue by identifying targeted opportunity in your database and evaluating your current direct mail segmentation strategy.


Effective direct marketing strategy is the shortest path to improved profitability and developing long-term relationships with your guests.  It allows you to create a personalized experience by talking to guests uniquely, building brand loyalty, generating top of mind awareness and creating a lasting relationship with each guest.

Casino hosts are expected to attract, retain and grow valuable players.


These employees are typically responsible for protecting 80% of your gaming revenue which is typically driven by only 20% of your database.  Individuals in this role are tasked with being the front-person for the properties most valuable players and become true revenue generators.

We help maximize gaming floor efficiency by transforming your operational data into result driven information.


This allows you to make strategic business decisions when you are working on a slot conversion strategy, about to make a large capital investment on new slot product or want to optimize performance of the slots currently on your gaming floor.

Turn your valuable data into meaningful information quickly.


Buzz Analytics has the know-how and experience in assisting your unique reporting needs.

Analysis needs to convert to action

  • Raw Data

  • Information

  • Analysis

  • Action

Our Services

Your database is your best tool to increase revenue. Our services are scalable.


We offer as much support and service as your team needs to be successful; up to and including Direct Mail strategic planning and execution.