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Slot Performance Analysis

We help maximize gaming floor efficiency by transforming your operational data into result driven information.


This allows you to make strategic business decisions when you are working on a slot conversion strategy, about to make a large capital investment on new slot product or want to optimize performance of the slots currently on your gaming floor.

Slot Performance Analysis includes:


  • Your best and worst performance slot themes and slot machines
  • Product mix comparison
  • Lease game analysis
  • House average comparisons
  • Trend comparison
  • Peak period utilization analysis
  • Identifying your best and worst locations on the slot floor and what themes perform the same regardless of location
  • Identifying  theme association
  • Identifying top players’ favorite machines and determine whether moving them will impact play


Our strategic reporting and analytics suite allows you to spend less time crunching numbers from multiple sources and allows more time to make informed decisions.  This information can also be used to strengthen your bargaining leverage with your slot manufactures.


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