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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

We drive incremental revenue by identifying targeted opportunity in your database and evaluating your current direct mail segmentation strategy.


Effective direct marketing strategy is the shortest path to improved profitability and developing long-term relationships with your guests.  It allows you to create a personalized experience by talking to guests uniquely, building brand loyalty, generating top of mind awareness and creating a lasting relationship with each guest.

A successful direct marketing campaign starts with the right segmentation or “Cluster” of guests and continuous testing efforts to maximize results.  Segmenting players by key statistics leads to better planning and smarter decisions.  Our algorithms define the right segmentation and utilize a variety of dimensions including: recency, frequency, distance, customers calculated worth and their proximity to your competitors.


A Successful Direct Marketing Strategy Includes:


  • Effective segmentation and list development
  • Identifying targeted opportunity
  • Fine tuning reinvestment strategy through test and control environment
  • Maximizing direct mail redemptions
  • Campaign management and analysis


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